Hillside School is looking to develop part of the site for housing that will provide funding for the school to construct new, modern, fit for purpose facilities elsewhere on the site.

The school was founded in 1983, but there has been care provision on the site in some form since the 1950s.

The original buildings on the site were constructed in 1800.

The main house was a private residential home until the 2nd World War, when it was used by the Royal Navy to house naval personnel. After the war, the properties and estate were purchased by the Salesians, and during their tenure it became a home for boys. The school was known at St Theresa’s at this time.


After the Social Work Act was passed in 1968, the school was classified as a “List D” residential school.

The school grew over the years, with several buildings added, and by 1979 the school had four teachers, six care staff three Senior Managers and a potential pupil population of 60.

When central government withdrew funding in 1983,  Hillside School, as it’s now known, was setup as an independent school by Denis and Anne Harvey, who initially rented the buildings from the Salesians.


Since then teaching staff numbers have risen, care staffing has increased and the increase in Domestic and Maintenance staff means that 89 staff are now employed by the school.

As a result of a planned and gradual reduction in numbers, the school now has a potential pupil population of 35 boys.

The redevelopment of the site will protect the jobs and create a modern fit for purpose facility. In addition it is proposed to create business units to help with the transition from school to working life.

The proposals not only benefit the service offered by the school to the pupils, but also retain the benefits the school currently provides for the local community.