The Benefits

Hillside School provides a unique facility in Fife attracting pupils from around the country and caters for 35 pupils at any given time. The school also provides employment for 89 staff.

A new, fit for purpose facility is seen as critical in sustaining the school going forward and allow growth potential. The extent of land in our client’s ownership means that there is sufficient space available to accommodate the relocation of the school. The preference remains maintaining this presence in Fife and Aberdour in particular.

In terms of the facilities necessary, the nature of the client group demands smaller class groups and therefore smaller classrooms than those which exist presently. These should be equipped with internet access and digital and media technology appropriate to teaching in the 21st century.

In addition to the classroom and normal education facilities, ancillary accommodation is also necessary together with office and staff areas. Given that it is a Residential School, bedroom accommodation requires to be single roomed with study provision and en-suite facilities to meet present-day expectations and the contractual requirements of the Local Authorities who purchase our services.

The intention is to replace the existing games hall facilities with a modern, purpose built facility incorporating many of the modern day sports provisions. There may be an opportunity to allow community use depending on size and facilities provided. The provision of swimming facilities is very much dependent on end cost and budget availability. Externally the client is looking to enhance the playing field capability and incorporate horticultural, equestrian and woodland walk facilities as part of the educational process.

In addition, we are looking to add workshop units creating employment potential. Initial views are circa 5 units of approximately 1,000 – 2,000 sq. ft. with the intention of letting them for local business use, tying in with the school to create employment, vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities.

The proposals also take into account the 6 qualities that make a successful place, identified in Government guidance, when preparing the residential layout:

  • Distinctive

  • Welcoming

  • Safe and Pleasant

  • Adaptable

  • Easy To Get To and Move Around

  • Resource Efficient