The Site

The site extends to 120 acres and rises from 20m AOD to a central ridge line of 80m AOD.

The land south of the central ridge is generally undulating. The land is bounded to the east by Glebe Road and private residences; to the south by High Street and the railway line; and to the west by Mill Farm Road.

Elevated land within the eastern and northern parts of the site have views to the Firth of Forth. This land is occupied by Hilllside House and associated extensions and out buildings serving the school. Although the site lies within the countryside it contains a well-established building group, set within a mature landscape.

The site is fully serviced and there is an established internal road and footpath network.

The site has two distinct zones comprising the existing built area, extending to 4.6 ha, which has a Local Plan mixed use designation incorporating residential and business, and the parkland. The whole is surrounded by mature tree belts and established landscaping, including the walled garden.

The existing use creates a relatively dense form of development. There is a significant amount of established services. Existing services are able to satisfactorily cope with current population density. This servicing will be supplemented if required.